Ocean Watch education

Surfers are natural ambassadors and symbols of the ocean as they spend so much time in the sea, writes Zamo Phungula, who is assisting Roving Reporters in shortlisting candidates nominated for Roving Reporters 2017 Soul Surfers Awards.

Zamo Phungula and Dr Jean Harris, head of Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife scientific services division at the research vessel, Angra Pequena
“The awards will go to those surfers who we believe can best serve as ambassadors of our Ocean Watch programme which promotes awareness of critical issues affecting the health of our oceans,” says Zamo.

Non-degradable waste like used diapers and all manner of plastic materials leave our ocean floors and shorelines congested with waste, posing a threat a lot marine life,” says Zamo, who has assembled this collection of educational articles.

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