Roving Reporters 2017 Soul Surfers answer the call of the oceans

In celebrating Freedom Day, Roving Reporters is pleased to announce nominated candidates for Roving Reporters 2017 Soul Surfers Awards  in aid of marine conservation – a new and exciting feature of the 2017 South African Longboard Surfing Championships. Here are brief profiles of the nominated candidates.

Marishka Diebold

For us as surfers it goes without saying that ocean conservation is at the top of the environmental agenda. We spend day in day out in the ocean and surfing in a polluted ocean would be unpleasant and lead to various illnesses. Beyond our personal interests the ocean is also the largest ecosystem on earth, … Continue reading


Andrew Laverge

15-year-old, Andrew Laverge is fairly new to longboard surfing and even though he has only been doing it for three months, he has taken to it like a duck to water … Continue reading


Diony Lalieu

On a personal level, this amazing opportunity to be an Ocean Watch ambassador not only evokes an amazing sense of purpose but also strengthens my profile as conservation-oriented researcher … Continue reading


Alfonso Peters

My name is Alfonso Peters, I am a professional surfer and surf coach from Muizenberg, Cape Town. I won Western province champs in 2014, the Tigers Milk Classic last year and have just returned from Papua New Guinea where I represented South Africa at the World Longboard Champs. My goals are to compete at more … Continue reading


Mia Baard 

My name is Mia Baard and I am a logger /longboarder and Grade 3 teacher living in Port Elizabeth. I believe I would make a good (Ocean Watch) ambassador as I’m already in a great position to teach the youth about conservation and looking after the environment. I spend a lot of time in the … Continue reading


Troy Hoey

12-year-old Troy Hoey is a real country boy who lives in historic Bathurst in the Eastern Cape. Surfing, skating and cycling are his passions. He is an early bird who is normally at the beach at first light everyday – which he says is the best time to check out the waves. “If we don’t … Continue reading


Kye Macgregor

TOP South African junior shortboard surfer and reigning SA under 14 longboard champ, Kye Gremlin Macgregor, despises litter on the beach.   “It makes me angry seeing litter on the beach,” the 13 year-old explains. “If we kill the ocean, we also kill ourselves.” A very stylish longboarder with a mixed bag of old school … Continue reading


Grant Gilmour

As lovers of the ocean, our primary role as surfers is to protect what is dear to us. Our decision, actions and choices can help save our seas. It is our duty to spread that message, says 2017 Roving Reporters Soul Surfer nominee, Grant Gilmour. Raised by waves, my initial instinct was to give my … Continue reading


Toby Murphy

Toby Murphy, who imports and distributes eco-friendly surf wax, reckons oceans are the lifeblood of the planet and humankind. “They hold 97% of the planet’s water, produce more than half of the oxygen in the atmosphere and absorbs the most carbon from it. Our oceans help to buffer human-caused global warming and climate change,” says … Continue reading


Brittany Gadd

I am a 17 year old girl from Durban who has a huge interest in all ocean wonders. I have always lived on a farm my whole life until recently, and so I understand the importance of animals. Animals are a huge part of my life. I would do absolutely anything to ensure that they … Continue reading


David Macgregor

Eat,  sleep, surf is David Macgregor’s motto. The passion and respect for the ocean that Dave has inspired in his youngest son, Kye, 13, speaks volumes.

Shaun Sellman

The ocean has such a diverse and sensitive ecosystem that if it damaged, it may never recover, says 57-year-old Shaun Sellman, who runs a surf school at Addington beach and is in the process of putting an  investigation into the water quality of the sea on Durban’s beachfront. I have been connected to the ocean … Continue reading



Tasha Mentasti

My affinity with the ocean started at a very young age and with being a surfer who finds my stoke out in the water I believe each and every one of us should be making some small conscious effort to help keep the ocean clean. This beautiful planet being covered by 70% ocean just shows … Continue reading


Stanton Ashton

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Kwezi Qika

Kwezi started surfing before he could swim. A native of Cape Town, he reckons the ocean plays an important role for everyone. “I love the ocean and I surf in it, I wouldn’t want to surf in litter” he says. Although sharks are dangerous, I wouldn’t want them to die because of bad habits, he … Continue reading


Brian Salter

Brian Salter out nominated himself as the sexiest surfer in the 2017 South African Long Board Championships!


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