World Oceans Day sparks innovation

Around the globe, people are uniting around a serious decline of the health of our oceans, many of them coming up with innovative solutions.

In celebration of World Oceans Day, Roving Reporters looks at what is happening at the United Nations through to public events taking place in Durban.

Epic KZN deep sea expedition sparks international interest

Today Dr Jean Harris, head of Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife scientific services division is in New York, addressing  The Ocean Conference, the first UN conference on the issue. Jean is presenting background to an epic 30-day deep sea research expedition currently taking place along the KZN coast. Read more.


Whale route launched

Humpback and Southern Right whales having a splendid time. Photos Ken Finlay

At the Port Natal Maritime Museum, a recently trained team of Wildlands WhaleTime guides are giving visitors insights into the history of whaling in Durban in the run up to the World Whale Conference taking place in Durban from the 25 th – 29th of June. Read more



Whale sculpture highlights plastic pollution threats

At Durban’s  mixed-media decor company, Umcebo Design, a team of artists are putting the finishing touches on a whale sculpture made from recycled ocean waste. The Creations for Cetaceans initiative is engaging school children in producing sculptures that educate the public about threats that whales and dolphins face due to increasing amount of plastics ending up in the ocean. Read more

Plastics SA launches Operation Clean Sweep

The issue of plastic pollution also comes under the spotlight at uShaka Sea World today, including the fact that every time you clean your teeth you are probably sending tiny plastic beads into the ocean. In one 250ml of body wash or standard toothpaste tube you will probably find hundreds of thousands microbeads – that’s two teaspoons of plastic microbeads heading straight for the ocean though our drains, sewer systems and waterways. But it is not only the microbeads that are a problem. Read more

How to rid the worlds oceans of plastic

Roving Reporters 2017 Ocean Watch Ambassador, Diony Lalieu, also recently alerted us to this amazing concept – and a future to look forward to. If this video is correct, the first clean up system will hit the water 2018.

The first ocean cleanup system is scheduled to be deployed in 2018. Watch the full unveil here:

Posted by The Ocean Cleanup on Tuesday, 16 May 2017


In signing off on our coverage of World Oceans Day, we thought it apt to share this poem that Diony Lalieu penned as part of her winning submission for the 2017 Soul Surfers Awards in aid of marine conservation

I am mother, I am ocean.

I am a giver and taker of life.

I decide who eats, who breathes, who plays and who is taken away.

And I will continue to do so, way past when you are nothing but a blink in the celestial sky.

I am gentle and embracing, accommodating and forgiving.

Yet I can be cold and cruel: your memory is not required to sustain me.

I have provided abundance and life for an eternity.

Rains for the crops, temperate climates for humanity, infinite breading grounds that sustain the origin of all life forms, including yours.

Yet, now, I am suffering, I am choking.

My lungs are collapsing under the strain of micro plastics that are slowly becoming my new bedrock.

Strange foreign particles threaten the delicate life-chains I have put into place.

And my children are disappearing by the multitude, by the species, sometimes in bloodied massacres.

My waters are murky, clouded with human troubles and affluence.

I am being raped.

I am being pillaged.

I stand by, as your mother, watching patiently how you are slowly sapping away your own life force.

And I will continue to watch your genocide.

Until you realize that I am you. And I am all you have.

Perhaps, just perhaps, it is not too late….


Roving Reporters Ocean Watch series is supported by the Human Elephant Foundation



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