Ocean of opportunities

Deep-sea exploration sparks renewed conservation efforts, but when it comes to protecting ocean life, competing commercial interests pose a huge challenge, writes FRED KOCKOTT.

This deep reef, 69 metres below the surface near Amanzimtoti, lies in the Twilight Zone of the ocean noted for low levels of sunlight and virtual darkness for human eyes. A diverse range of soft corals and sponges thrive in these conditions. Photo supplied: ACEP Spatial Solutions Project

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Vibrant, blue economy on our doorstep, says environmental affairs minister

The prospect for a “vibrant, sustainable blue economy” is on South Africa’s doorstep, South Africa’s environmental affairs minister, Dr Edna Molewa, told the United Nation’s Ocean Conference that got underway in New York this week. Continue reading “Vibrant, blue economy on our doorstep, says environmental affairs minister”

Zodidi Gwayise docks back in Durban

In this video, Zodidi Gwayise talked about her expectations in taking part in the 30-day Ocean Stewards epic ocean expedition. Zodidi returned from the first leg of the exhibition at midnight. Roving Reporters will catch up with her to find out how it went. Continue reading “Zodidi Gwayise docks back in Durban”

Epic ocean expedition gets underway

Over the next 30 days, a team of seventeen young marine biologists – most of whom have never been out to sea before – will help leading marine scientists explore rich and diverse deep sea habitats along the KwaZulu-Natal coast.

The 2017 Ocean Stewards expedition on board the 72-foot wooden research vessel, the RV Angra Pequena, aims to identify areas for inclusion in an expanded network of Marine Protected Areas.

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Survival swimming lesson for Ocean Stewards

Seventeen new Ocean Stewards are about to embark on a 30-day deep sea research expedition on board the 72-foot expedition yacht, the Angra Pequena. For many of the students, the excitement of going out to sea for the first time is mingled with the fear of falling over board.  To counter these fears, Sea Quests’ Nikki Chapman treated students to a survival swimming lesson this week. Zamo Phungula was there to witness the action. Continue reading “Survival swimming lesson for Ocean Stewards”

Opportunity of a life time for Ocean Stewards

Thamsanqa Nkosi

Going out to sea for the first time is exciting. Working with marine scientists on a research vessel using under water cameras to study life at ocean depths never surveyed before, is an opportunity of a lifetime, says 20-year-old Thamsanqa Nkosi. Continue reading “Opportunity of a life time for Ocean Stewards”

Deep sea research could stop exploitation

Amid a government drive to unlock the economic potential of the oceans, an innovative offshore research programme involving annual deep sea expeditions, hopes to guide the associated protection of rich, biodiverse and fragile marine eco-systems. Continue reading “Deep sea research could stop exploitation”