Plastic-free surf contests for a “blue-er” ocean

Diony Lalieu

The 2017 Cobbles Classic surfing event and Cape Recife Music Festival in Port Elizabeth last weekend, heralded the start of a drive to create “plastic-free” surf contests in South Africa. Spearheading the campaign is Diony Lalieu, the winner of Roving Reporters 2017 Soul Surfer award at the SA Longboarding Championships hosted in Durban earlier this year. Continue reading “Plastic-free surf contests for a “blue-er” ocean”

Ocean of opportunities

Deep-sea exploration sparks renewed conservation efforts, but when it comes to protecting ocean life, competing commercial interests pose a huge challenge, writes FRED KOCKOTT.

This deep reef, 69 metres below the surface near Amanzimtoti, lies in the Twilight Zone of the ocean noted for low levels of sunlight and virtual darkness for human eyes. A diverse range of soft corals and sponges thrive in these conditions. Photo supplied: ACEP Spatial Solutions Project

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A Tiny Fraction Of Oceans Could Satisfy The World’s Fish Demand

Amid United Nations estimates that more than half the ocean’s fish stocks are exploited – meaning they can bear no more fishing without population decline – a study published today reckons that ocean-farmed fish and seafood (aquaculture) has the potential to satisfy global demand by using a tiny fraction of oceans. Click here to read more about study at