A Tiny Fraction Of Oceans Could Satisfy The World’s Fish Demand

Amid United Nations estimates that more than half the ocean’s fish stocks are exploited – meaning they can bear no more fishing without population decline – a study published today reckons that ocean-farmed fish and seafood (aquaculture) has the potential to satisfy global demand by using a tiny fraction of oceans. Click here to read more about study at scienceblog.com.


SA student’s ocean pollution poster grabs international attention

Daily Vox writer, SHAAZIA EBRAHIM, reports that a South African student’s poster has been selected to raise global awareness about the extent of plastic pollution in our oceans. University of Pretoria (UP) student, Sascha Saddul’s work was one of ten selected for the United Nations (UN) Ocean Conference exhibition in New York.

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Plastic waste can drive circular economies

Desperate people who rummage for goods in rubbish bins, municipal dumps and landfill sites represent an untapped workforce that could help prevent vast amounts of plastic ending up in the ocean. So says world renowned environmental engineer and expert on marine waste, Dr Jenna Jambeck. FRED KOCKOTT and DIONY LALIEU report. Continue reading “Plastic waste can drive circular economies”

Sights set on Durban becoming a Whale Heritage Site

In celebrating World Ocean Day this week, Durban South Tourism, Sodurba, launched its whaling history tours in association with various stakeholders, including Wildlands’ WhaleTime project which engages the public in monitoring the migration of the marine mammal along the KZN coast from June to December each year. Continue reading “Sights set on Durban becoming a Whale Heritage Site”

SA in global drive to deal with plastic blight

In KwaZulu-Natal, the endemic plastic litter problem, extending from city streets to communities in river catchment areas, becomes obscene after heavy rains, our beaches clogged with vast amounts of plastic waste. But it need not be this way, say Plastics SA sustainability director Douw Steyn and Catherine Constantinides, head of Miss Earth South Africa’s leadership programme.  Click here to read this story as published in today’s Sunday Tribune.






Plastics SA launches Operation Clean Sweep

Today Plastics SA launched the South African chapter of Operation Clean Sweep at a World Oceans Day function at Ushaka Sea World. The initiative, originally conceived by the Global Plastic Alliance, forms part of a worldwide drive to reduce the amount of plastic pellets ending up in rivers and ultimately the ocean. Zamo Phungula reports Continue reading “Plastics SA launches Operation Clean Sweep”