New tech helps with whale research projects

Technology – once used to hunt whales – is playing an ever-increasing role in marine conservation, also promoting less invasive forms of research into whale behaviour and associated tourism activities. FRED KOCKOTT and DIONY LALIEU report  Continue reading “New tech helps with whale research projects”

Sights set on Durban becoming a Whale Heritage Site

In celebrating World Ocean Day this week, Durban South Tourism, Sodurba, launched its whaling history tours in association with various stakeholders, including Wildlands’ WhaleTime project which engages the public in monitoring the migration of the marine mammal along the KZN coast from June to December each year. Continue reading “Sights set on Durban becoming a Whale Heritage Site”

Whales strike a deeply resonant chord with the past

As a hip hop enthusiast, environmental journalism is not Zamo Phungula’s first calling, but a recent visit to Port Natal Maritime Museum certainly struck a chord, inspiring her first Ocean Watch blog.

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Uncovering secrets of Durban’s whaling past

Roving Reporter, Zamo Phungula, recently set out to profile five Umlazi WhaleTime guides who, until recently, had never boarded a boat. Her brief was to uncover secrets of Durban’s whaling past, and learn how this blubbery, blood-soaked industry of the past could be turned into a signature eco-tourism enterprise for KwaZulu-Natal.

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