Epic ocean expedition gets underway

Over the next 30 days, a team of seventeen young marine biologists – most of whom have never been out to sea before – will help leading marine scientists explore rich and diverse deep sea habitats along the KwaZulu-Natal coast.

The 2017 Ocean Stewards expedition on board the 72-foot wooden research vessel, the RV Angra Pequena, aims to identify areas for inclusion in an expanded network of Marine Protected Areas.

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Survival swimming lesson for Ocean Stewards

Seventeen new Ocean Stewards are about to embark on a 30-day deep sea research expedition on board the 72-foot expedition yacht, the Angra Pequena. For many of the students, the excitement of going out to sea for the first time is mingled with the fear of falling over board.  To counter these fears, Sea Quests’ Nikki Chapman treated students to a survival swimming lesson this week. Zamo Phungula was there to witness the action. Continue reading “Survival swimming lesson for Ocean Stewards”

Whales strike a deeply resonant chord with the past

As a hip hop enthusiast, environmental journalism is not Zamo Phungula’s first calling, but a recent visit to Port Natal Maritime Museum certainly struck a chord, inspiring her first Ocean Watch blog.

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Deep sea research could stop exploitation

Amid a government drive to unlock the economic potential of the oceans, an innovative offshore research programme involving annual deep sea expeditions, hopes to guide the associated protection of rich, biodiverse and fragile marine eco-systems. Continue reading “Deep sea research could stop exploitation”

Riding the rays of the sun

Riding the Rays of the Sun
Going to work ‘riding on the rays of the sun’ and not fossil fuel is a vision that must be realised if the planet earth is to be saved from destruction by man, says actor Morgan Freeman .

Climate change is not a sexy topic, but the idea of waking up to an alarm clock powered by the breeze the night before, certainly is. Continue reading “Riding the rays of the sun”

Uncovering secrets of Durban’s whaling past

Roving Reporter, Zamo Phungula, recently set out to profile five Umlazi WhaleTime guides who, until recently, had never boarded a boat. Her brief was to uncover secrets of Durban’s whaling past, and learn how this blubbery, blood-soaked industry of the past could be turned into a signature eco-tourism enterprise for KwaZulu-Natal.

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Innovative architecture inspires urban revival

2017_03-07 Regent (8)_wwwImpressed by the transformation of a deluge of seedy, inner city buildings into a first-class educational hub, Durban’s deputy mayor, Fawzia  Peer has instructed a host of senior city officials to ‘think out of the box’ in taking this urban regeneration process further.  Continue reading “Innovative architecture inspires urban revival”