Shaun Sellman

The ocean has such a diverse and sensitive ecosystem that if it damaged, it may never recover, says 57-year-old Shaun Sellman, who runs a surf school at Addington beach and is in the process of putting an  investigation into the water quality of the sea on Durban’s beachfront.

I have been connected to the ocean since I first swam in the sea in 1969. I became a professional lifeguard in 1979 and worked my way up to training manager. I traveled the schools teaching water safety in the ocean including looking after the ocean. I took up surfing and scuba diving as hobbies even though i spent six days a week working in the ocean. I still surf and dive today. After leaving the beach in 1999, I became dehydrated, like a fish out of water, and had to come back. My wife asked me if I have gills. I now run a surf school at Addington beach and teach people how to surf and also about water safety. I share my passion and love for the sea when i am coaching. Some people use my white hair as marker or a good spot to surf.

The health of the ocean should be top of the environmental agenda. It covers more surface of the earth than land. It gives people food and is an amazing natural playground at no cost. It also has such a diverse and sensitive ecosystem that if it is damaged may never recover. The ocean is being raped by companies for wealth. This is short-sighted. What are they going to do when the fish or crustaceans numbers dwindle?